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Start Driving Quicker With An
Intensive Driving Course In King's Lynn

If you feel like learning how to drive takes time that you simply don’t have, enrol in our intensive driving course in King's Lynn. We can fast track your entire driving experience, making you a more capable and confident driver, in a fraction of the time it'd take with weekly lessons.

Our intensive driving course is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to get your licence. GGO Driving School incorporates both practical in-vehicle lessons and classroom-based activities to help you pass your test – guaranteed!

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About Our Intensive Driving Course
In King's Lynn & Surrounding Areas

With expert tutoring from GGO, you can expect to:

  • Quickly pass your driving test
  • Become a safe and competent driver
  • Receive high-quality, structured, and cost-effective training
  • Receive free theory test training

Ready To Get Started?

Intensive Course Costs

All of our intensive driving courses are dependant on student requirements. We have some students who've never sat behind the wheel before, and we have students who have already taken a few lens and want to speed things up with an intensive course. As there are so many variables that would affect the cost, we provide a free no-obligation quote to any students interested in our intensive driving courses!
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5 Steps To

Get Your Licence

Step 1
Get Your Provisional Licence
Head over to the official Government website and  apply for your provisional driving licence.
Step 2
Book Your Lessons

Get in touch with us to arrange your lessons and set up a schedule to suit your needs.

Step 3
Study For Your Theory Test
We'll provide you with all the training materials required for your study, free of charge.
Step 4
Pass Your Theory Test
Take on and pass the theory test to be eligible for the practical driving test.
Step 5
Pass Your Practical Driving Test
Pass your practical driving test, earn your licence and hit the road!
driving lessons (1)

Some Of Our

Frequently Asked Questions

In your first session, you'll most probably be introduced to a few of the fundamentals, such as setting your seat and mirrors correctly. You'll also learn how to use the handbrake, gears, and, of course, clutch control to secure and steer the car. Nerves are normal in the first driving lesson; don't worry!

While the fundamentals are similar for most people in their first practical driving lesson, what follows after that is bound to be different for everyone, as everyone learns at a different pace, and some students may have prior driving experience.

  • Beginner drivers will need 40 hours
  • Novice drivers will need 30 hours
  • Intermediate drivers will need 25 hours
  • Experienced learners will need 15 hours
  • Pupils who recently failed will need 10 hours

It's an exciting feeling when you receive your provisional license in the post. Unfortunately, though, it's not valid until your 17th birthday, however, you can still book driving lessons in advance. Just make sure they fall on or after your birthday so you can start driving legally! Make sure to take your license with you to your first driving lesson so your instructor can confirm your eligibility.

The government website states that you do not have to pass your theory test before taking driving lessons, but you must pass the test before taking your practical test. However, many driving instructors encourage their students to start studying for the theory test either before or while they are learning with them. This can help students familiarise themselves with road markings, signs, and the right of way, but it is not usually required. To apply for a provisional driving licence, you can do so online on the government website.

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